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Our virtual private platforms are built to provide incredible performance, as our technical engineers know matters to you the most-more control, reduced costs, increased uptime.

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VPS Features

Include in VPS

Full Root


Full root access allows you to customize code and add CMS of your choice



You can host unlimited domains, build a variety of email addresses and multiple FTP accounts.



Our VPS are equipped with all the advanced tech that make them high performing in the long run.



Without paying any additional costs, you can easily get data backups weekly or monthly

What you will get


We provide free Medical billing, Schooling, scheduling and Task management CMS ready to deploy, contact us for more info

What's the use of

Virtual Private Server ?

Web Hosting

If your website can not handle the growing traffic, it might be the time to get a VPS


Run game smooth with high speed internet without any frame-rate drop in the game


Provide root access for testing and deployment environment without any heavy investment

Email Use

No limit on outgoing emails on hours and domains.

Powerful Machine

Complete Specs



4 Cores


8 GB


240 GB




2 Free

VPS Features


Root Leve


Cpanel, WHM


Linux, Windows


Free SSL








Email Marketing

Free Tool




DDoS Protection

Weekly Backup

Manual Backup

Scheduled Backup





Data Center






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Rackco VPS Hosting

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If you have a quickly growing website, there will come a time when shared hosting is not enough. With that in mind, cloud hosting is here to give you the best of two worlds. The power and reliability of a VPS with the simplicity of shared hosting. Get dedicated resources and let us take care of all the technical stuff!

Easy-to-use: Manage your server like a real pro with a simple control panel that holds all the essential features to create a strong online presence.

Dedicated Resources: Get a dedicated IP address with a slice of RAM, CPU, and SSD Disk Space. The provided resources are fully dedicated to you and no one else!

Fully Managed: Sit back and relax while we take care of server uptime, maintenance, and monitoring. Focus on your project and leave the rest to us!

At RackCo, we use cloud Linux with LVE containers. Each account gets a dedicated container and is served from there. Each container has resource boundaries to make sure the host stays healthy at all times (even if, one of the accounts is under a DDoS attack). In case the host needs to be put down, the account with its container can be easily migrated to a different host, to avoid unnecessary downtime. Our shared hosting accounts share hosts between several customers, whereas our cloud hosting clients are served solely from the host, meaning that only their accounts are put in the whole host.

If you have a shared web hosting plan on RackCo, upgrading to cloud hosting is extremely simple. All you have to do is order an upgrade from the control panel, and everything will be migrated automatically!

The main difference between two is that cloud hosting plan provides you with dedicated resources and the ability to manage them as you see fit. Meanwhile shared hosting typically hosts multiple servers on one dedicated machine and requires the user to share resources with other servers on the machine.

Since cloud hosting is fully managed, you’ll have a dedicated support team ready to help with all your needs 24/7/365.

Users of Shared hosting all share the resources on the server their websites are on. There is no guarantee of RAM or CPU with Shared hosting. Shared hosting also does not provide full root access to the server, as opposed to VPS package where users are given full root access to perform commands and make configuration changes to their hosting environment.

Getting started with VPS hosting is easy with Bluehost as your VPS hosting provider. Simply choose from our Standard, Enhanced, or Ultimate VPS hosting packages based on the amount of resources your website needs and follow the sign-up instructions. Once you have an account, you can easily upgrade to more resources from within your customer dashboard.

Cloud hosting automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure safety and redundancy. Here at RackCo, we also employ a number of security measures to protect our servers and customers’ websites. Our data centers are built using top-of-the-line technology, and servers are monitored 24/7 in a highly secure environment.

VPS is short for virtual private server and is also known as a virtual server. VPS Hosting is a hosting solution for websites and applications, where server resources are isolated for individual users. VPS users experience more consistent performance, which translates to more responsive and faster websites.


We provide cloud based enterprise hosting, server and storage solutions of unmatched quality. Feel free to visit or contact us for a custom quote.

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